Here are some of the video styles that we can create for you:


Motion Graphics

Effectively communicate very complicated ideas in an easily digestible way. This makes them ideal when trying to describe a product, service, or depict a result. When you want to show how you mean to accomplish something or how something was accomplished, motion graphics are a great way of getting the job done.


A great for number-heavy presentations because they make it easy to get a good rhythm of alternating talking and writing to maximize viewer comprehension. We use thought bubbles, graphs, diagrams, charts, or anything creative to enhance your informational video!


A screencast (or screen capture) is a digital recording of a computer screen, often containing voice-over narration. It’s a no-frills method of teaching, regularly employed by tech businesses to showcase a software product.

Sales videos

Sales videos benefit from live-action because it adds more layers to your marketing. Remember, customers, aren’t necessarily buying your product (there might be hundreds of others like it). They’re buying your whole brand and how it makes them feel.


Marketing and promotional videos show off your unique brand with animated marketing and promotional videos that perfectly reflect your brand’s style, energy, and personality. 

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos that showcase the details of your product or service don’t have to be dry and boring. Spice things up with some animation and make your videos entertaining and engaging.
Either one of these can be 2D or 3D animation.


Live-action is one of the best ways to create an emotional bond with your viewers. On YouTube, how-to and tutorial videos featuring real people work very well because seeing a flesh-and-blood person generates empathy and understanding within your audience.

Welcome Videos

Add a human face to your digital interface with a live-action welcome video on your website. This friendly contrast can often be the catalyst for your prospect to take action, buy your product, or reach out to you.

“About me” Videos

Tell your story in your own words with your own voice. “About me” videos are a perfect fit for live-action because human faces and real stories add credibility and authenticity.

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