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What We Do

H & H Media Group is a digital marketing agency.  Our marketing tools are shown below.
It is our mission to help small businesses grow back to normalcy in the COVID-19 world we live in.

Social media is a vital part of your marketing message.  But it is also a boring, time consuming and expensive thing to do.  Let us do the lifting for you.

Video is the way people want to see your message.  We provide video that captures your audience and increases both lead capture and sales.

One Dollar is all it takes to use the most advanced and complete web platform in the world.  Plus, you can have an exciting and highly profitable business, starting NOW!

Your site can be ADA Accessible tomorrow, satisfying the law and opening a new market segment.

Mobile-First is what Google wants to see.  We create the mobile version of a site first, and then the tablet and desktop versions are automagically created. 

Video is the way people want to see your message.  We provide video that capture your audience, and increases both lead capture and sales.

About Us

Heidi Hill

Owner and Creative Master

As the former owner of a design agency and hand-made rug factory in Portugal, she offers a unique approach to our creativity.  Her gorgeous rugs may be found in palaces, government buildings, offices and homes throughout Europe and Brazil.

Richard Hill

Owner of H & H Media Group

He brings with him many years in computer software design, programming, and sales.  A disabled combat veteran, he makes full use of the Internet to communicate with our customers around the world.  

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