B2B Lead Generation

Business to Business lead generation is critical for many companies. Their lifeblood.

But getting current leads can be difficult. Sure you can go to a “big list company” and buy leads that come from census lists (largely). Some have other sources, but there will be many leads that are outdated, or no longer valid. So, are are they effective?

How do you calculate cost per lead (CPL)?

First, you need to add up all of your marketing spend for a given period and the number of leads you acquired in that given period. Then, divide your marketing spend by your total number of leads. Your final number is your CPL.

The quality of your leads is obviously important. And, please note that
our leads DO NOT come from some dated nationwide business list.

So, let me cut right to the chase:

We will give you 20 current B2B leads!

In ANY Niche


In ANY City

In ANY Country


Absolutely FREE!

Yep, free, no cost, no gimmicks, no obligation, just 20 free, current leads…

This is how it works

Using special software to “deep crawl” and evaluate 20+ data points, we ensure your leads are ready for you to sell to. They are as current as is possible. We find out the various platforms they are on so you get a much better idea of their likely value as a customer.

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These are some of the locations we check to find information about your leads, which are updated for every search. Each search is fresh-as of the moment.

user-name - Business Name

social-067-round_gmail - Email

social-064_viber - Phone

icon-website-png-0 - Business Website

social-026_wordpress - Wordpress

social-011-round_linkedin - LinkedIn

social-006-round_facebook - Facebook

social-003-round_twitter - Twitter

social-038-round_instagram - Instagram

social-009-round_google - Google

Search Results - Google Position

Review Star Icons - Reviews

social-009-round_google - Google My Business

Dollar Sign - Ads Running

code-icon - Remarking Pixel

Category - Category


That means we check up on things like:

  • Are they still in business?
  • What social media are they on?
  • Our Deep-Crawling Engine confirms all the data to make sure you are well informed and ready to sell to these prospects right at their pain points

Then, after you have had time to get the sale, just come back to us, if you wish, and YOU tell US what a lead is really worth to you. Then we’ll find more leads for your at that price. Simple. You are in charge.

Contact us today to get your free leads. Just tell us the niche, city, and country.
And remember, these are Business to Business leads.

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