Human Avatars

Many, many, small business owners hate the idea of appearing in a video.

Now, with the awesome power of Artificial Intelligence, that is no longer necessary. We are now capable of creating a Human Avatar using an actual human being to speak for you!

And here are some of the folks who will speak your words in 274 Voices in 37 Languages:

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They have many different voices, various attire, and they can speak in any of 20+ languages.

Here’s a video that will demonstrate some of what we can do…

We have the solution, and it’s very simple.

  1. Write down what you would say if you were doing it live.
  2. Sort any images or videos you want to use as a background. Or, we can create it for you.
  3. Email the above to us.
  4. We create a video for you using a real human, and we’ll break it up in scenes.
  5. We send you a proof copy, and you tell us of any changes
  6. We send you the finished video

Project Details

Perfect for Content Creators, Authors, Teachers. Business Owners, Digital Marketers, Freelancers, Social Media Managers, and Bloggers.

More than 40 different Human Avatars, plus 20 Computer Generated Avatars, all of whom can speak 73 different languages in many different voices..

You can even add your own face with AI animation.

A 15 second video is approximately 40 words. The timing will vary somewhat with the avatar chosen and the language.

Editing is done to include speed, pauses, and inflection changes, for the most normal sounding voice. Final editing is done in partnership with you.

Optional branding with your logo is available.

Presenter Race Language Age Range
Male/Female/Other Specify Specify Child/Youth/Middle Age/Older
Accent File Format Background
Many > Ask MP4 Specify

What’s Included?

Service Starter Standard Professional
Price USD 350 USD 600 USD 1100
Delivery Time 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days
Video Length 15 Seconds 30 Seconds 60 Seconds
Premium Images
Varied Attire
Full HD (10800p)
Music X
Subtitles X
Logo X
Scriptwriting X X
Custom Facial Avatar X X
Scenes 1 3 6
Edits 1 2 3

Payment: 50% down, the balance on acceptance. If you are not satisfied with the final product, the down payment will be returned

Contact us today to discuss your video.

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